Chaser Bin
​     Overview


• Tank volume: 24 cubic meters

• 18.5 tonne load capacity

• High ground clearance

• Heavy duty commercial axle 

• Hydraulic wheel track adjustment

• Folding auger

• 2 coats of primer and two coats of oven baked finished paint

• Rotating auger spout

• Full lighting kit

• Unloading time : 3 minutes




Cross Chaser Bins are used to transport from the combine to a truck or tractor. They are ideal where the trucks have to cover large distances by road. Chaser Bins can also be used  in situations where trucks or tractors can not travel in fields due to ground conditions. The use of the Cross Chaser Bin allows the combine harvester to work continuously without the need to stop and unload. The Chaser Bin also has the advantage of not dragging rows of straw due to high ground clearance. The use of a Cross Chaser Bin has been proven to increase the harvesting capacity by 30%.

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