Side Mounted Post Driver

​     Overview


• No rams

• No ropes

• No pulleys

• Free fall weight

• Heaviest weight on the market
• Low oil flow requirement

• 80 Hp upwards 

• Can be used on telescopic loaders

• Heavy duty post cap

• External 3 bank hydraulic controls
• Hydraulic top link 

• Movement in all directions




The Cross Side Mounted Post Driver have been designed and manufactured in Ireland where tough land conditions provide a unique test of the durability and versatility of these machines. The Cross Post Driver range use a unique method of a free falling weight which in turn means there is no return oil going back to the tractor. This proves to be the fastest falling weight on the market. These machines can be used on a range of different post types and sizes. They can also be used on any front loader, telescopic loader or back actor. The Side Mounted model has the ability of moving in any direction. 



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