HD 60 CLSC Cleaner Loader Compact

​     Overview


  • 60 Tonnes per hour

  • High Output chopper 

  • Variable chop size

  • On-Board engine

  • Picking off trace

  • 2 coats of primer and two coats of oven baked finished 2 pack paint

  • Full lighting kit

  • Easy leveled with hydraulics

  • Chopper folds up to clean whole beet



The Cross HD60 CLSC is a 60 tonnes per hour Cleaner Loader. This machine is fitted with an on board engine and provides the user with a dry cleaned beet sample. The HD 60 CLSC also has the option to chop when needed. The chopper folds up and down into place be means of 2 hydraulic rams. The Chopper on this machine also allows the user to vary the chop size. This machine is ideal where a conintual flow of chopped beet is needed in a biogas or farm yard setting .



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