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Key Features

Tonnes / Hour

100 (De-Stoning)

80 (De-stoning & chopping)

1000 mm

Trace Width

Hopper Capacity



The Cross Crocodile Beet De-Stoner is equipped to de-stone & chop beet. Much like the Alligator but with more output. This De-Stoner also has a pre-cleaning feature which helps the water last longer per cycle. The Crocodile has the ability to remove 100% of the stones in the beet crop. This allows users to have a stone free sample if they are less worried about dirt. The water in the Crocodile can last a lot longer than most of the beet washing range due to the water cleaning system as the machine works. Drive options include Engine, PTO & Electric. The Crocodile can be equipped with a Jet was system to allow the user to Jet wash the crop as it tumbles up the elevator. This takes place after a brief soak in water. 


The precleaning hopper is used to fill the beet washer as well as shake the loose dirt off the Beet. This saves the water from early contamination


The de-stoning section of the beet washer uses a patented cyclone system to seperate the stones from any root crop. All the stones that get sucked down through the bottom of the cyclone are deposited out of the machine seperate to the beet


This machine uses a range of jet nozzles to wash the beet as it tumbles up the discharge elevator. Not as good a wash as the Tumbler models but will still remove all the heavy clay.


Every Beet Washer in the CROSS range can be fitted with a chopper. While chopping the chop size can be varied hydraulically. This chopper can be lifted out of the way when not needed in order to wash whole beet. 


Before & After

What a difference a wash makes

Cross Beet Beet De-Stoners are guaranteed to remove 100% of the stones from the beet. These machines will also pre-clean the beet which makes the water last longer. The jet nozzle option allows the user to wash the beet as it exits the machine after the beet has been soaked for a duration in the water bath. 

Web Selection

The Cross Range of Beet washers are fitted with Broekema Webs of your choice. A 50mm web can be fitted for larger crops such as beet or juice carrots. Smaller 30mm webs can be fitted then for potatoes or small root crops. This works well to stop crops falling through while ensuring cleaning still occurs. Custom Webs can be fitted at early request when ordering a machine. 

Stone Removal

100% Guaranteed 

Cross Beet Washers use a range of clever patented technologies to remove any size of stone from beet or any other root crop. From very large stones to small pebbles, it removes everything.  

The cyclone system uses a range of rotating fins, varying water height and various pressures of pumped water to create the ideal whirlpool to suck stones down to the waste discharge elevator. The Beet does not  pass across the cyclone as it would get sucked in also, instead the beet is directed at speed around the circumference of the de-stoner chamber in a raised body of elevated water. This allows the beet to propel at speed onto the elevator and also increases the output of the machine.

If the stone removal section of the machine was not performing correctly, then the output of the machine would suffer as well as letting stones through. 

Drive Options

The Cross Range of beet washers can be fitted with numerous types of drive units. The Crocodile Beet De-Stoner comes standard with PTO Drive but can be fitted with alternative drives on request. Each drive unit is built to suit the customer needs.There are two types of engine drive. A JCB 75kw engine is used for the larger output applications and a Silence Engine is used for the lower output jobs. With an electric drive the system fitted is fully electric hydraulic and is built to suit your power source and machine requirementsWith PTO, the system supplied is built to suit your machine and tractor. The machine will never be under stress due to this. 

Chop Size

Variable in size 

Cross Beet Washer Choppers all come with a variable chop size option. This allows the operator to select the desired chop size while the machine is in operation with the simple pull of a lever. 
The chopper is not only adjustable but can also be folded out of the way when whole beet is required. This can be carried out with out the need for any machine stoppage. A lever will allow the operator to fold the chopper up when the machine is in operation. 



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