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Cross Agricultural Engineering was set up in 1985. The Company comes from 4 generations of engineering with the present inspiration, Simon Cross, being the driving force behind the company.  An abundance of hard work, coupled with shrewd management and a renowned after sales service is the success story of Cross Agricultural Engineering.

       Product Development

At first the company concentrated on the development and manufacture of Slurry Pump Agitators.  These were particularly well received by the marketplace and the business grew at a substantial rate in the early days resulting in the need to move location and increase plant size to the current premises.

It was in 1988, after months of research, that Cross Agricultural Engineering developed the Folding Ring Roller.  The folding ring roller was huge hit.  Cross had a stand at almost every show in the country demonstrating their machinery, the response to this innovative product was favorable.  

Continuing research and development led to the arrival of the Furrow Press.  Being part of the One-Pass-System, the Furrow Press really took off and is yet another of the firms success stories.

The biggest venture embarked upon by Cross Agricultural Engineering to date is the mobile Beet Washer & Chopping Plant.  This machine won the Prototype Award at the Spring Show in the RDS in May 1992 and Armer Salmon took a keen interest in the machine.  Cross sold many machines to Armer Salmon.

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      Armer Salmon


Cross Agricultural Engineering was recognised by Armer Salmon in 1992 at the Spring show in the RDS. After wiinning various awards for the beet washer range it was proved to Armer Salmon the machine was an innovative idea.  Cross made 3 types of washers and over 5 types of Cleaner Loader for the Irish and European Sugar Beet market. This contract with Armer Salmon left Cross Agricultural Engineering busy with manufacturing which resulted in rapid expansion of the Cross factory.


With the closure of the sugar factory in Ireland and Armer Salmon, Cross was hit hard with 75% of their machinery sales halted. Cross did not stop making beet equipment. It took years of development but today Cross Agricultural Engineering sells more beet equipment than ever to countries all over the world.

First Cross Beet Washer

First Armer Salmon Beet Washer

Armer Salmon Cleaner Loader

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