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Beet Chopper

PTO or Electric

Tractor or 3 Phase Power

Key Features

Tonnes / Hour

30-200 T/h

Drive Options


Hopper Capacity

2500-3000 KG


Cross Agricultural Engineering manufacture a range of Beet choppers for the biogas, sugar and farming industry. The beet choppers range in capacity from 30 tonnes per hour to 200 tonnes per hour. All Cross Beet Choppers are fitted with hydraulic stone release and a variable chop size door. All choppers are available in either PTO drive or 3 phase electric drive.

Designed in Ireland this chopper is able to withstand the toughest of beet conditions and will always provide an accurate chop to suit the operator’s needs


The Cross range of PTO powered Beet Choppers come in various sizes. These models include the BC400, BC800, BC1000, BC1500 and the BC2000. These numbers in the model name represent the rotor width in millimeters.   These choppers range from 30 tonnes per hour to 200 tonnes per hour. Each PTO chopper has a Hydraulic release stone system which also works as a variable chop size door. This stone protection system also is equipped with a shear bolt to cope with a sudden stone jam.

Tractors from 60hp upwards are suitable for this machine.

PTO Chopper.png


The Cross range of Electric Beet Choppers come in various sizes. These models also include the BC400, BC800, BC1000, BC1500 and the BC2000. With the numbers in the model name also representing the rotor width in millimeters. All Electric Choppers are belt and pulley drive as standard and come with a motor size ranging from 22kw to 45kw depending on model selected. These Choppers have the same output as their PTO counterpart and also come standard with stone release and variable chop size. 

Electric Chopper.png
Chopper Overview
door 1.jpg

Stone Protection

Variable Chop Size

The Cross Stationary Beet Chopper has been designed with a moving hydraulic chopper door. The hydraulics can be used to open the door and allow stones to pass which may be mixed into the beet crop. Tractor Hydraulics or an onboard hydraulic hand pump can be used to open, close or pressurize the door. 

The moving door is also used for varying the chop size of the product. The Beet can be chopped to a pulp or just roughly chopped. The fineness of the chop all depends on the operators needs and it can be set using the hydraulic system on the machine.

door 2.png

Double Chop

Smaller Particles

Some models of the Cross Beet Choppers can be fitted with a double chop system. This is a secondary rotor below the initial rotor which is running at over 3 times the speed of the initial rotor. This allows for an even smaller chop size and will ensure an even size mash for the end user. 

Each rotor of the double chop system is equipped with a variable door for releasing stones or varying the chop size. This allows the user to have much more choice when it comes to the end product dimensions. 

Beet Chopper

Chop Size

Variable in size 

Cross Beet Choppers all come with a variable chop size option. This allows the operator to select the desired chop size while the machine is in operation with the simple pull of a lever. 
Some models of the stationary beet chopper can be fitted with a double rotor. This allows for even finer chopping and ensures an even more uniform chop size. This is used in places where a mash is needed.


Hopper Size

All Cross Stationary Choppers come with the option of hopper extensions. This allows for easier filling and large hopper capacities. The tapered design of the hopper extensions allow for easier filling with a loader. 

All Choppers vary in width as standard. The chopper should be specified to suit your bucket width on the loader. The distance between the legs is what determines the chopper to suit your bucket.


Chopper Height

All choppers can be manufactured with leg length to suit your needs. The standard length leg will provide you with 1.2 meters of clearance below the chopper rotor. Some customers prefer longer legs and these can be custom manufactured to suit the operator. 

Adjustable legs are also available on request. These allow the operator to set the leg height to suit their system. These legs allow the user to vary the height from 1.2 meters to 2.2 meters. 

Beet Chopper


Chopper Video

Technical Data

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Chopper Technical Data

Need to Wash  or De-Stone Beet?

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Beet Chopper
Beet Chopper
Beet Chopper
Beet Chopper
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Beet Chopper
Beet Chopper
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