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Cross Trailed Press RANGE

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Various Sizes

1.8 - 3 Meter

Key Features

Working Width

1.8 - 3 METER

Ring Diameter





The Cross CFP front mounted press is attached to the front of the tractor to prevent the front wheel from skidding and creating ridges from the tractor wheels. This creates the ideal condition for the prefect seed bed. The Cross CFP Front – mounted Furrow Press is Compact in design and attached closely to the tractor to ensure good balance and compact size. The unit can be fitted to a mechanical front steering system to ensure ease of use when operating in irregular shaped fields and at headlands.

CFP 1800 – Front Press 1.8m

The Cross 1800 Front Furrow Press has been designed to ensure efficient compaction of the soil, by pressing the areas between the front wheels of the tractor. This not only acts to press the areas where the tyres miss but also to stop the tractor tyres dig in too much by keeping the tractor higher in the loose clay. All 1800 front presses are fitted with active steering for steering around corners and self -centering.

CFP 3000 – Front Press 3.0m
The Cross 3000 Front Furrow Press can be purchased in any width. The base width for this design is 3.0 meters. This machine is hydraulic folding and comes standard with active steering also. The 3000 front press can come equipped with 1 row of tines and one row of tines of your choice. All tines and paddles are individually adjustable 1 row at a time. 

1.8m Front press.png


The range of options for the Cross Line-up of Furrow presses provide you with a cost effective opportunity to create the perfect seedbed in cost effective way. Because your Cross Furrow Press is unique to your farm we offer you the choice of an extensive list if optional extras fittings for the comprehensive range of quality Cross Furrow Presses.


  • Extra Heavy Rings

  • Hardened Shafts

  • Heavy Duty Bearings

  • Active Steering

  • 2 Row of Tines or Paddles Available

  • Tine Dept Control

  • Tines Fold Up With Sides

  • Side Guards to Stop Ridges in Soil

  • Transport Width 2.0m  

Muck Spreader Overview

Purpose of a Furrow Press

During ploughing the soil is loosened to allow air and warmth into the soil. It is important that the soils do not dry out too much as this would impact the natural capillary action that provides a flow of nourishment to the germinating seed. Furrow presses are used when underground reconsolidation of the soil at the seeding depth layer is required.  Rough clods in the seedbed are reduced in size. Their use enables the soil to be subsequently worked with the minimum of passes. This leads to reduced compaction and increased yields. Using a Cross Furrow Press, depending on the soil conditions and tillage program can speed up the creation of an effective seedbed, encouraging the re-establishment of capillary pores and microbe action in the soil growth layer.  The Cross range of Furrow Presses can provide an excellent opportunity to give the soil back its structure in advance of seeding. It will allow the creation of an optimal soil moisture level at the depth where the seed germination and emergence takes place.

Standard Working Features

Quality Guaranteed 

  • Field working passes are kept to a minimum.

  • Excess soil drying put is prevented

  • Soil clod sizes are reduced.

  • Soil structure is improved

  • Reduced compaction

  • Better seedbed

  • Environment for soil microbes is enhanced

  • Better balance for the tractor 

Front Press Range.PNG

Tines and Paddles

Excellent build Quality

The Cross Front Press can be fitted with numerous tines and paddles combinations. Most common is a front row of tines and a second row of paddles. This helps to make it a more versatile tool. It also helps produce a finer tilt. There is also the option of no tines or paddles and just having breaker rings on there own. It can be fitted with one single row of tines or a single row of paddles. The front press can also be fitted with 2 rows of tines or two rows of paddles.

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Technical Data - Front furrow Press

Muck Spreader Technical Data


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Front Press Range
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1.8m Front press
Front mounted press details
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