Various Sizes

6 Tonne - 16 Tonne

Key Features


6 Tonne - 16 Tonne

Tyre Size

460mm > 900mm  



Galvanised or Painted


The Cross range of Fence Post Drivers are suitable for use by farmers and contractors. All machines can operate in various conditions and deal with a range of fence posts sizes and ground conditions. The Cross Fence is a preferred post driver for Farmers, Contractors, Industrial Applications, Stud Farms and Orchards.

The Cross Fence Post Driver has a unique working mechanism. A hydraulic motor drives a chain that lifts a 350kg or 450kg weight to top of a double beam mast. The weight then trips at the top of the mast, is dropped from the top, free-falls down and makes contact with the post-cap to drive the post solidly into the ground. The weight can also be used to tap weights by reversing the motor and not letting the weight trip at the top for free-fall.

There are no rams, ropes or pulleys. On the Cross Post Driver Range there is no big rush return oil from the post driver to the tractor, loader or excavator like a ram and rope machine. This means that the Cross Fence post driver can be mounted on any telescope loader or excavator and powered through the machines existing hydraulic oil pipe system. This frefall system allows the machine to be faster than any ram and rope machine. 

The Cross Fence Post Driver comes with a hydraulic top link as standard on all models. Cross provide up to six different fence post driver options. All models come with external valve chest controls.

All Cross Post Drivers comes with a safety guard around weight to comply with all safety regulations requirements. The machines are easy and safe to operate. The Cross Fence Post Driver design allows for flexibility in use to meet all possible working conditions  

The Cross Fence Post Driver range comes in 2 sizes. HD & LD give the buyer an option of 350kg or 450kg weights. Some models are only available in HD.  


Free Fall Weight

The Cross Post Driver is the only Post Driver Range on the market 

Axle Choices

The Cross Range of Rear Discharge Manure Spreaders are fitted with 10 stud Commercial axles from Granning or Distag as standard. This axle type has a 420 x 180mm brake shoe. Other makes of spreaders available on the market use 8 stud agricultural rated axles on machines. These 8 stud axles are not up to standard when it comes to moving larger loads of manure.  All Axles are fitted with hydraulic brakes as standard. There is also the option of air brakes if needed. 

Standard Features

Quality Guaranteed 

  • LED Lights Rear & LED  Front Facing Side Lights

  • Commercial Axle

  • Hydraulic Brakes

  • Variable Speed Floor

  • Ballanced Beaters

  • 2 Pack Paint

  • Box Iron Chassis

  • Large Gearbox Version in All Spreaders

  • Auto Light Covers 

  • Brake Away 

Drive Unit

Gearbox Overview

Cross Agricultural Engineering only use the best of components in their muck spreader range. The Rogelberg spinner gearbox is one example of this. No matter what size of muck spreader supplied by Cross Agricultural Engineering, the heavy-duty gearbox is fitted to all models. Cross do not use any light duty gearboxes, even in the smaller models. This is due to the thinking that same product is always passing through the beaters so why make it lighter?
This gearbox is PTO driven by means of an under-machine drive shaft. This shaft is shear-pin protected by means of a shear-pin on the gearbox and on the drive shaft itself.
If any foreign material gets stuck in the spinners, the PTO is fitted with a shear pin and over-run clutch to stop the gear box being damaged in any way.

Balanced Beaters

All Cross Muck Spreaders are built with a laser cut, fully balanced beater section. There are numerous advantages in this:

  1. Each Tooth is in its own housing. Therefore it breaks up the dung more as it acts like an arm passing through the muck. Most other manufacturers simply bolt a tooth onto an auger.

  2. The teeth are reversible. They only wear one side. The auger type machines will wear the inside and outside of the tooth.

  3. The liquid spinners on the bottom allow the spreading of liquid slurry and stones.

  4. The spinners on a Cross muck spreader are fully balanced before fitting. This means no vibration is passed back through the machine and into the gear box. This balancing takes place in Cross Engineering’s state of the art 3D-Animation facility

  5. If the bolt shears or falls out the tooth still works as it is in its own box housing and the second bolt holds it in place. Other makes of muck spreaders swing the teeth back in if one bolt breaks making the tooth un-usable

Braking System

Air or Hydraulics or Both

All Cross Tankers come with a few different braking options.


This option is standard across the full range of Cross Tankers.


The option is a great upgrade for a user with a higher speed tractor who does a lot of road transportation and wants  smoother  and more responsive braking 

Air & Hydraulics

This suits the operator with a few different tractors. The tanker can then be used on air with a higher speed tractor and used on hydraulic brakes for an older tractor.

Tooth Housing

A Finer Spreading Sample

The spinners on a Cross Muck spreader are unique to any other make. They come as part of a tooth and housing system. Each Tooth is in its own housing. Therefore, it breaks up the dung more as it acts like an arm passing through the muck. Most other manufacturers simply bolt a tooth directly onto a vertical auger.

The 4 Dog legs on the bottom disk stops the spreader letting out large lumps between the rotors and assists the spreader in spreading liquid. Most other manufacturers only have 2 base legs which do not run up along the center tube to meet the beater teeth. This is an area where lumps generally escape on other machines. 

Hydraulic Slurry Door

Stops Dripping on the Road

The Cross Rear Discharge Manure Spreader Range can be fitted with a hydraulic slurry door. This Door is fitted with a rubber seal as standard to stop liquid manure dripping out. 

This door also allows controls the light covers to fold into place when spreading and stop any lights being damaged. 



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