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Media / Customer Testimonials

"Beetzilla" in Arizona USA

The Progressive Dairy man interviews farmer Paul Rovey as he grows beet for the first time as a way to reduce his feed cost and replace corn silage from his feed ration. This system includes the Cross Elephant Beet Washer. See below what they have to say.



Beet Energy in California USA

Mendota Bioenergy have taken on the project of creating a base example for the most effiecnet biogas system in the state of California. This esystem includes the Cross Hippo Beet Washer. See below what they have to say.



Ice Cream in Canada

Cross Agricultural Engineering sold one Rhino beet washer to an Ice Cream factory in Quebec Canada. This factory grows its own sugar beet, built their own sugar factory, produce their own sugar and use this sugar in their Ice Cream Factory. 

Click the link below to view the gallery.



Sugar in Michigan USA

Cross Agricultural Engineering sold one Elephant beet washer to Michigan Sugar company, based in Sandusky, Michigan,USA. This machine was being used to wash the surplus sugar beet from the sugar factory and provide that beet for dairy cows.



Chasing Country Crest

Country Crest purchased one of the first Split Chaser Bin/ Drill Filler from Cross Agricultural Engineering. The lads in Grassmen seem to think it's impressive and Country Crest seem to be happy. Check out the videos below



"Mighty Elephant" in New Zealand

Cross Agricultural Engineering carried out 2 demo tours of New Zealand over the past number of years, the first in 2012 and the second in 2015. With the huge success of the demo tours cross have successfully set up with a dealer network in New Zealand. Check out the info below. 



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