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Various Sizes

Recessed = 1,150 to 6,000 Gallons

Key Features


1,150 - 6,000 Gallons
5,228 - 27,277 Litres

Tyre Size

380mm > 900mm  



Galvanised or Painted


The Cross industrial tanker range is manufactured in capacities from 1150 gallons (5,228 litres) to 6,000 gallons (27,277 litres) to cover a wide range of industrial needs needs. Uses for these tankers can include, Road Washing, Drain Cleaning Dust Suppression, etc. Industrial tanker can be built to your specifications giving you the benefits of the Cross flexible manufacturing process.
Cross industrial tankers are manufactured using 6mm high quality steel. All tankers are mounted on a strong internal chassis for extra strength. To provide a high level of corrosion resistance all Cross slurry tankers are given two coats of priming paint followed by two finish coats of 2 pack paint giving long lasting durability. Tanker models up to 3,750 Gallons can also be galvanised.



Cross Sludge Tankers are usually a combination of Slurry Tankers and Road Washing tankers into one tanker. 

The Common spec of a Sludge tanker for cleaning septic tanks would be as follows:

  1. Split tanker - Sludge 90% & Fresh water 10% for washing after

  2. Drain Cleaning Reel - For cleaning drains or pipes in the septic tank

  3. Wash Bar - For washing driveways after finishing

  4. Hand Lance - For washing tanks, driveways or adding water to the septic tank

  5. Remote control - So the operator can jet clean and vacuum at the same time and carryout controls standing away from the tractor seat

Cross can build any tanker with custom spec to suit each septic tank company.

Road Wash Tanker Overview

CAT Pumps

The Best There Is

All Cross road wash and drain cleaning tankers are fitted with CAT Pumps as standard.


There are various different pump options available to suit your application. Some pumps can be purchased direct drive from PTO or hydraulic motor drive. Other pumps require a gearbox for very high pressures or water flow per minute.

Cat Pumps high-pressure plunger pumps are industry recognized as the longest-lasting, most reliable pumps available. 

Split Tankers

Custom Sizing

All Cross ​Industrial Tankers can be manufactured with a split tanker option. 

This feature is ideal to use the tanker as a multi purpose machine. One Tank for clean water for Road Washing, Power Washing, Drain Cleaning. Another tank for suction of dirty water.

This option allows the combined use of a high pressure CAT pump and a Hertel Vacuum pump. The High pressure pump uses the clean water and the vacuum pump can suck clean water or dirty water in to either tank. The Vacuum pump can also suck the used dirty water as the high pressure pump operates the drain cleaning reel. 

All Split tankers are build to the specification. Any ratio of split can be accomodated. 

IMG_0870 ed.jpg

Drain Cleaning

Custom Sizing

Drain Cleaning Reels can also be fitted to any high pressure tanker system. 

This reel allows the tanker to clean any size pipe from any blockage or obstruction. 

The Drain cleaning nozzle uses a high pressure jet to bore a hole through the blockage and backwards facing jets propel the nozzle forward through the pipe. 

A vacuum pump on the tanker can also be used to suck any dirty water that exits the pipe at the same time. 

Truck Tanker

Custom Sizing

Cross Agricultural Engineering also build any specification of Sludge, Road Wash or Dust Tankers on a truck body.

Cross are Certified truck body builders.

Q.What does this mean for the customer?

A. Most manufacturers can only build a tanker on a second hand truck as the original body builder certified the truck to carry a load and they way it was mounted.  Most manufacturers cannot certify new builds as this requires the company to register as a body builder, carry out CE certification and register the machine as a new vehicle.

Cross on the other hand can certify new builds on all trucks. This is due to Cross becoming a certified body builder and having an in house CE certification team.

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IMG_1036 ed.jpg

Dust Suppression

Even Spread

All Cross Tankers can also have a dust suppression add on fitted. 

This allows the user to spread a fine layer of water to keep down dust on roads or quarry settings. 

This can also be carried out via rain gun if needed. This allows the user to spread water at a distance

Axle Choices


The Cross Range of Industrial Tankers are fitted with various axles from Granning or Distag. Larger Recessed tankers (2500 upwards) and Tandem tankers come standard with a 10 stud Commercial Axle. This axle type has a 420 x 180mm brake shoe. Smaller tankers come standard with a heavy duty 8 stud Agricultural Axle and have the option of a commercial axle upgrade at very little cost. All Axles are fitted with hydraulic brakes as standard. There is also the option of air brakes if needed. Cross Also offer the option of a Stepped Axle upon request. This option is popular for customers on hilly ground. Cross Agricultural Engineering tankers are one of the lowest tankers on the market to begin with before a stepped axle. This is due to the axle being mounted onto the internal chassis on the tanker and not the tanker barrel itself. 

Braking System

Air or Hydraulics or Both

All Cross Tankers come with a few different braking options.


This option is standard across the full range of Cross Tankers.


The option is a great upgrade for a user with a higher speed tractor who does a lot of road transportation and wants  smoother  and more responsive braking 

Air & Hydraulics

This suits the operator with a few different tractors. The tanker can then be used on air with a higher speed tractor and used on hydraulic brakes for an older tractor.

Standard Features

Quality Guaranteed 

  • LED Lights Rear & Front LED Side Lights

  • Hydraulic Vacuum Pump Changeover

  • 15ft Suction hose

  • Galvanised Back Door, Front trap & Top Trap

  • Bolt On Mudguards

  • 2 Pack Paint (Galvanise on request)

  • Sprung Drawbar (Above 2000 Gallon)

  • 4 Fill points (3 blanked off & 1 quick attach)

  • HD Hitch (40mm)

  • Heavy Duty Drawbar (150 x 250 x 10mm Box iron)

  • HD Large Splash Plate

  • Internal Chassis

  • Bolt on Mudguards

  • 12mm joints

  • 6mm steel barrel 

Vacuum Pump


Pump Overview

The Cross Range of Slurry Tankers are fitted with Hertell Vacuum Pumps. 

These pumps have a brilliant repuation for ease of service and durability. The Vacuum pumps are made from ductile steel unlike the competitors cast iron pumps. 

Hydraulic Changeover

Hydraulic Changeover is standard on All Cross Tankers. This comes standard from the Hertell factory as a standard feature. This feature allows for much faster tanker filling as the operators can let the vacuum be building before they leave the tractor cab. It is also much safer as the user does not have to walk near the PTO shaft.

AncImg (1).png

Hydraulic Drive

Hydraulic Drive Pumps are also an option from Cross Agricultural Engineering. This allows the user to remove the need for a PTO shaft on the tanker. Combined with Cross' load sensing valve chest this feature can also be fitted on tankers with Trailing shoes and dribble bars. 

Electric Hydraulics

  • Electric In cab control panel

  • Ram Mount suction mount

  • Built in house (no service wait time)

  • Fully Customised

  • 1 hydraulic hose controls the whole tanker

  • Can be used for lights, Beacons, spots also

  • Easy to Use - no touch screen

  • Night light option

  • Load Sensing option 

  • Can run hydraulic vacuum pump and trailing shoe/ dribble bar through the one hydraulic system

Custom Colours

Same Quality Paint

All Cros​s Tankers can be painted any colour of your choice

Cross Ensure a high quality finish on their tankers no matter what the colour. 

  • ​​All Cross Machines are Acid treated after manufacturing to strip the metal of any impurities

  • Machines are then placed in a heated spray booth until the metal is hot

  • 2 Coated of 2 pack primer are then added and left to dry under heat. 

  • After this 2 coats of 2 pack finish coat is applied and is left in the heated spray booth with a raised temperature 

  • The paint is left to oven bake for the best possible finish.


Inside and Outside

The best coating for 100% rust free protection is Hot Dip Galvanising. This process coats the tanker inside and outside with a zinc anti- corrosive coating. 

All Galvanised tankers have 100% of the tanker coated. This includes draw bar, front trap, top trap, back door etc. 

Some tanker sizes may require dimension changes to accommodate the size of Irish galvanising baths. 

Road Wash Tanker Video


Technical Data - Recessed

test 1.png
Road Wash Tanker Technical Data


Click Image to increase size

Cross Road Wash Tanker
Branded Road Wash Tanker
Road Wash Tanker with Brush
Road Wash Tanker with Brush
Drain Cleaning Tanker
Road Wash Tanker
Road Wash Tanker
Sludge Tanker
Sludge Tanker
Road Wash Tanker
IMG_1048 ed
IMG_1036 ed
Dust Suppression Tanker
IMG_1058 ed
Road Wash Tanker with Brush
Dust Suppression Tanker
Road Wash Tanker with Brush
Drain Cleaning Tanker
Drain Cleaning Tanker
Drain Cleaning Tanker
Branded Road Wash Tanker
Branded Road Wash Tanker
Tool Box with Reel
Hi Pressure CAT pump
Road Wash Tanker
Road Wash Tanker
Road Wash Tanker
Tool Box with Reel
Front Wash Bar
Road Wash Tanker
Hi Pressure CAT pump
Road Wash Tanker
Road Wash Tanker Gallery

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