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5 Meters - 30 Meters

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Cross Agricultural Engineering are the main Irish and UK importer use Bomech Trailing Shoes and Macerators. Bomech Trailing Shoes are the proven market leader worldwide when it comes to slurry application and for this reason Cross use Bomech in all trailing shoe applications. 


Noted worldwide as the only "True Trailing Shoe" due to its ability to leave the slurry spreading procedure hands free for the operator. Most Trailing shoes are mast mounted meaning the operator has to adjust height on the move. The Bomech trailing shoe is truly trailed and does this for you. 

All Trailing shoes from Cross have 4 main advantages over any other manufacturer

  1. Chassis mounted - no hanging off the tank barrell or back door

  2. Headland managment - Auto lift and drop on the headland, Auto Slurry shut off when lifted, Auto Macerator Reverse, Auto fold up when finished.

  3. Auto levelling on the move. No need to adjust the height as you travel through the field

  4. Auto pivot and ground contouring. The Only trailing shoe available with a centre pivot motion as it moves vertical up and down.


Chassis Mounted

Stonger than any other

All Cross Dribble Bars are mounted on the tanker chassis. None of the dribble bar weight is mounted on the back door or tanker barrel itself. This means a much stronger slurry applicator system. 

Over time the first place to become weak on a slurry tanker is the back door and thats why Cross believe it is not safe to mount on the door. 

Tandem and single axle tankers use the same chassis system to mount the applicator on.

The chassis mounting system also allows the user to quick attach the dribble bar on and off of the tanker.  This allows for the fastest detachable dribble bar on the market. This also allows the user to mount the dribble bar on the 3 point linkage without any modification. 

Alrena / Bomech Macerator

Cross use Alrena Macerators on all Trailing Shoes and Dribble Bars. Alrena is the macerator division inside the company of Bomech. With 30 years of experience in slurry and trailing shoe technology, the Alrena precision macerators have a solid basis for a high-quality product.

These macerators have a few advantages over other makes

  1. Rotating Blades - never blur one side of the blade

  2. Automatic blade pressure -no preloading or setting spring tension

  3. Buttom mounted stone trap - all stones and blockages sink to the stone trap

  4. Side feed - bottom feed macerators stop the stones and blockages getting back to the stone trap

Air Pulse Technology

All Alrena macerators use air pulse technology to distribute the slurry evenly. This is also used for keeping the centre of the blade clean and  the springs working with full travel. (see in video below)



Available Trailing Shoe systems:
– Flex 5,3 metre
– Flex 6,2 metre
– Flex 7,5 metre
– Flex 8,8 metre


The Flex Trailing Shoe system is the most popular in the UK and Ireland. This is a compact and lightweight slurry spreader available in working widths of 5.3 to 8.8 m. 

The integrated automatic level adjustment system allows the trailing shoes, each with its own suspension, to adjust to the landscape. One exact distributor with a stone / debris trap ensures precise distribution of the slurry.

The Bomech Trailing Shoe technology enables plants to absorb nutrients from slurry faster and reduces leaf contamination. This ensures better quality feed and boosts the feed intake of cattle. Once the slurry has been deposited, the plant growth returns to its original position, minimising evaporation.

Flex features:

1. Lightweight
2. Automatic level adjustment on the middle frame for optimal contour adjustment
3. One Alrena Exact distributor ( with stone / debris trap
4. The electro-hydraulic control block can be assembled in advance
5. Folds simply and compactly behind the vehicle
6. The trailing shoes can be raised, preventing soiling of headlands, streets, and agricultural roads
7. Easy installation for every tank
8. Can drive up to 20 km/h in working position

Cross can also fit larger sizes up to 30 meters wide.

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