Trailing Shoe

​     Overview


• Large range of sizes

• Spring steel technology

• Self-Leveling

• Electric hydraulics

• Auto reverse macerator

• 2 coats of primer and two coats of oven baked finished paint

• Stone trap

• Light but strong

• Hoses turn up to 180° to prevent remaining slurry leaking out during transport.

• Depth and ground pressure are automatically adjusted.
• Easy fold-up for transport.
• Very simple but strong construction.
• Light, total weight.




The Cross Bomech Trailing Shoe is built from high quality spring steel. Advanced electrical technology is used in operating the trailing shoe system. A central pivot system is used for optimum accuracy when spreading over uneven ground. A large range of trailing shoe widths can be fitted to any tanker. An auto reverse macerator has been added to ensure free flow with no blockages. 





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