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2 Models

Heavy Duty & Extra Heavy Duty

Key Features


HD - Heavy Duty
HDEX - Extra Heavy Duty

Tool Bars Options

HD - Leveling  Paddles
HDEX - Cultivation Tines &                   Leveling  Paddles

Ring Type

Steel Rings as Standard


The Cross Ring Roller Range is manufactured in widths from 3 meters to 12.2 meters. All Cross Rollers are fitted with custom manufactured steel rings as standard. Cast iron rings can be fitted also upon request. EN24T shafts are also fitted as standard. Cross Rollers are now fitted with 60mm bearings as standard. 
All Cross Rollers can be fitted with a selection of various tine tool bars. Cultivation tines and leveling paddles are the most popular choice. All Tines and paddles are individually hydraulically adjustable. 


The Cross 6.2 Meter Ring Roller Range is the most popular in the range. Built and tested in Ireland this roller has proven to be one of the most durable on the market. The Steel rings allow the operator to roll with no fear of ring breakage. The tine bar and/or leveling bar combination converts a standard roller into a multi use tool:

  1. Tilling, Leveling and Rolling After Ploughing (in one pass)

  2. Fold tines and paddles away & Roll after sowing

Final Image Ring Roller.png
6.2 Roller Overview

Why Roll

For optimum soil conditioning 

During ploughing the soil is loosened to allow air and warmth into the soil. It is important that the soils do not dry out too much as this would impact the natural capillary action that provides a flow of nourishment to the germinating seedling.
Using a ring roller, depending on the soil conditions and tillage programme, can speed up the re-activation of the capillary process, encouraging the re-establishment of microbic action in the soil growth layer.
The Cross range of Ring Rollers Presses can provide an excellent opportunity to give the soil back its structure in advance of seeding. It will allow the creation of an optimal soil moisture level, with smaller soil clod sizes, below the surface and at the depth where the seed germination and emergence takes place.
Using the Cross Ring Roller will ensure the following:

  • Field working passes are kept to a minimum

  • Excess soil drying out is prevented

  • Soil clod sizes are reduced

  • Soil structure is enhanced

  • Environment for soil microbes is enhanced​

Tool Bars in Operation


Tool Bars

Cultivation is key

All Cross Rollers can be equipped to deal with the toughest of ground conditions. 

The tine cultivation tool bar and leveling paddle combination is the ideal solution for ground that has been left to go hard and has a lot of clods. 

Even if only using leveling paddles like on the HD model. This system will ensure lvel fields for the sowing system to follow. 

Ring Types

All Cross Ring Rollers come standard with Steel Rings. The steel rings are custom made for Cross using the highest quality GGG-50 material. 

This allows Cross to have the ring specified to suit the application and have built in strength designs that other manufacturers do not have.

The Steel rings come in 4 formats:

  1. 22" Cambridge Breaker rings

  2. 24" Cambridge Plain rings

  3. 26" Cambridge Plain Rings


Inside and Outside

The Cross Range of Ring Rollers can be fitted with Stocks AG seeders for seeding a range of various crops. All seeders have a pneumatic seed system which ensures even seed covering and 100% accuracy. 

The seeder system comes in 3 different ways:

  1. Vari Speed - set the rate and maintain a speed

  2. Tractor reading - reads the tractors speed and adjusts accordingly

  3. I-Con - Full GPS seed rate adjustment

The Seeder range can be used to sow crops such as Grass, Oilseed Rape, Clover, Stubble Turnips, etc. and any broadcast seed

Technical Data - 6.2m Roller

Info table NEW.png
6.2 Roller Technical Data


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6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller627
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 m Cross Ring Roller
6.2 Roller Gallery

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