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Various Sizes

6ft - 10ft in Length

Key Features


5000 Gallons Per Minute
22,730 Litres Per Minute

Depth of Tank

6ft - 10ft
custom sizes available on request




The Cross Agitator pump range is built to the highest standard by a team of dedicated engineers using quality materials and manufactured in the latest high-tech manufacturing facilities. The Cross SA1 and SA2 Agitators are the most powerful and highest output agitators on the market today. With built in chopper units, 5000 Gallons/min output and with power requirements of 60HP upwards this makes the cross agitator range the obvious choice.

The built in chopper unit means no blockage from round bale silage. One the agitator is placed in the tank it wont be removed until the job is done. 

The Cross SA1 & SA2 agitator range are the highest output per Hp agitator on the market today.


The Cross SA1 Agitator - Pump is the first agitator Cross ever released to the market. Gaining huge interest in the 1980s due to its bottom chopping unit, this machine led the way for high output agitators with Cross. 

This machine requires the operator to take on and off the PTO shaft when placing it in the tank but has the huge advantage of being able to disconnect and leave it in the tank. This is ideal for an operator with only one tractor. 

This agitator also does not need a top link. The quick attach system leaves this the easiest agitator to connect to on the market.

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SA1 Overview

Hydraulic Control

2 Bank Hydraulics as Standard

The Cross SA1 & SA2 slurry Agitator - Pumps come standard with 2 bank hydraulics.

  • This means 2 hydraulic levers on the machine to control the movements. Up and down of the spout and movement of the hydraulic deflector chute (crust breaker). Hydraulic adjust of the spot allows the tanks to me mixed from top to bottom as well as around in a circle. These 2 bank machines have a manual rotated spout.

  • 3 bank hydraulics is also available on Cross Agitators. This allows the operator to rotate the Spout Hydraulically. A hydraulic locking system can be added on as an option also to stop hydraulic creep back after the hydraulic controls are left idle. 

Built in Chopper

100% Blockage Free

All Cross Slurry Agitator - Pumps are equipped with a shear-bar chopper unit in the base. This allows the agitator to chop round bale silage as it agitates the tank. The Chopper unit will also chop plastic, twin or any other soft foreign material. The Chopping unit is shear bolt protected in case any sharp items enter the machine. This Agitator is the ultimate solution for anyone with macerator blockage problems on dribble bars or trailing shoes. The Cross agitator will chop any silage which would normally block a macerator. 


All Components

The best coating for 100% rust free protection is Hot Dip Galvanizing. This process coats the Agitator with a zinc anti- corrosive coating. 

All Cross Slurry Agitator - Pumps are fully galvanized. This also includes the "A Frame" of all machines.

While working submerged in slurry it is essential to have galvanizing. 

2 Way Mixing

100% Blockage Free

Cross Agricultural Engineering manufacture the only slurry agitator with a telescopic spout. This allows the base of the agitator to stay in the base of the tank and pump the slurry to the top of the tank. Now the operator is not only mixing the tank around in a particular direction but is also mixing from bottom to top. 

Most other Agitators do not hve the telescopic spout. Most only have the rotating spout. Without being telescopic these other agitators are just blowing the slurry 1 -2 ft away from where the agitator sucks in the slurry. 

The Cross Agitator is blowing the slurry 8ft away from the base on an 8ft machine.

Sa1 Technical Data

Technical Data - Agitator Pumps

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Cross Slurry Agitator Pump
Cross SA2 Slurry Agitator Pump
Cross SA1 Slurry Agitator Pump
Cross SA2 Slurry Agitator Pump
Cross SA1 Slurry Agitator Pump
Cross Slurry Agitator Base
Manual Rotating Spout
3 bank hydraulics
2 bank hydraulics
Hydraulic Rotating Spout
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