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Various Sizes

5 meters - 36 meters wide

Key Features


5 Meters - 36 Meters

Mounting Type

Chassis Mounted




Cross Agricultural Engineering Dribble Bars are top of the range when it comes to slurry application. With a lot of extra features as standard that are not even an option with other manufacturers, the Cross dribble bar stands out ahead of the rest when it comes to technology. 

All Dribble Bars from Cross have 4 main advantages over any other manufacturer

  1. Chassis mounted - no hanging off the tank barrel or back door

  2. Electric Hydraulic Controls - 1 hydraulic hose controls everything

  3. Auto Sequence finish - press one button when finished and the dribble bar folds itself up 

  4. In cab blockage notification - the only dribble bar to notify the operator of a blockage

  5. Double Folding Booms

  6. Breakback and auto reset- resets when the operator hits a tree, pole etc.

  7. Automatic macerator reverse

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Dribble Bar Overview

Chassis Mounted

Stonger than any other

All Cross Dribble Bars are mounted on the tanker chassis. None of the dribble bar weight is mounted on the back door or tanker barrel itself. This means a much stronger slurry applicator system. 

Over time the first place to become weak on a slurry tanker is the back door and thats why Cross believe it is not safe to mount on the door. 

Tandem and single axle tankers use the same chassis system to mount the applicator on.

The chassis mounting system also allows the user to quick attach the dribble bar on and off of the tanker.  This allows for the fastest detachable dribble bar on the market. This also allows the user to mount the dribble bar on the 3 point linkage without any modification. 


Alrena / Bomech Macerator


Cross use Alrena Macerators on all Trailing Shoes and Dribble Bars. Alrena is the macerator division inside the company of Bomech. With 30 years of experience in slurry and trailing shoe technology, the Alrena precision macerators have a solid basis for a high-quality product.

These macerators have a few advantages over other makes

  1. Rotating Blades - never blur one side of the blade

  2. Automatic blade pressure -no preloading or setting spring tension

  3. Buttom mounted stone trap - all stones and blockages sink to the stone trap

  4. Side feed - bottom feed macerators stop the stones and blockages getting back to the stone trap

Air Pulse Technology

All Alrena macerators use air pulse technology to distribute the slurry evenly. This is also used for keeping the centre of the blade clean and  the springs working with full travel. (see in video below)

Electric Hydraulics

All​ Cross Dribble Bars come with Electric Hydraulic control panel as standard. This feature is built in house and gives the user a huge number of benefits on operation compared to others:

  • In Cab Blockage Notification (Red and green light)

  • Automatic finish sequence controls

  • Automatic Macerator Reverse

  • Ram Mount suction mount

  • Built in house (no service wait time)

  • Fully Customised

  • 1 hydraulic hose controls the whole tanker

  • Can be used for lights, Beacons, spots also

  • Easy to Use - no touch screen

  • Night light option

  • Load Sensing option 

Double Folding

Or Non-Double Folding

Cross Dribble Bars can be purchased in both double folding and non-double folding. 

The Double folding boom is the most popular as it leaves the dribble bar a lot lower than the tanker. This allows the user to enter low shed doors or drive on roads without hitting overhanging trees. 

The Double Folding is also carried out as part of the automatic folding sequence so there is no extra time involved for the operator. 

Technical Data - Dribble Bar

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Dribble Bar Technical Data


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Cross Dribble Bar Double Fold
Cross Dribble Bar Single Fold
Cross Dribble Bar
Cross Dribble Bar
Cross Dribble Bar
Cross Dribble Bar
Cross Dribble Bar Single Fold
Cross Dribble Bar Double Fold
Cross Dribble Bar Double Fold
Cross Dribble Bar Double Fold
Cross Dribble Bar
Cross Dribble Bar D
Cross Dribble Bar Double Fold
Cross Dribble Bar Double Fold
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