Elephant Beet Washer/Chopper/De-Stoner

​     Overview


• Chopped or whole beet

• Chop into feed wagon 

• Has own engine

• Clay removal after washing

• 2 coats of primer and two coats of oven baked finished paint
• Full lighting kit

• Fully certified for road travel 

• Fully TUV certified

• JCB Engine
• Huge Output



The Cross Elephant Beet Washer was first designed for the European Bio Gas market. It uses a combination of patented cleaning and chopping elements to ensure that you can deliver a quality clean sample of beet for any application. The Elephant can be used for the dirtiest of beet crops to ensure clean and safe cattle feed and also clean samples for anaerobic digestion. This Washer also has a pre-cleaning feature which helps the water last longer per cycle. The Elephant has the ability to remove 100% of the stones in the beet crop. The water in the Elephant can last a lot longer due to the water cleaning system as the machine works. 



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