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Single and Double Axel 

Key Features

Fertilizer Bogey Features

Bag Lifting Crane

The bogeys can be equipped with a crane for loading bags into the spreader. With external valves for working the crane from the catwalk. This is a safety feature as the crane has a lockable hook to ensure safe loading of bags. The Crane is PTO driven. This can reduce the need for a loader when loading the spreader.

There is a ladder and catwalk which provide safety to the operator when loading the spreader. They have a robust design and are suitable for any make of fertilizer spreader on the market. They are available in different colours and are painted with 2 pack paint. The bogey comes with either a single axel or double axel. There is also LED lighting available.

3 point linkage

Single / Double axel

Tyre Size

 400mm  Wide


2 Pack Painted

THE CROSS Fertilizer Bogey Range

The Cross fertilizer bogey range is built to the highest standards by a team of dedicated engineers using quality materials and manufactured in the latest high-tech manufacturing facilities. Cross fertilizer bogey deliver class leading levels of performance and reliability to exceed the expectations of the most demanding users.

Fertilizer Bogey Build

Our Fertiliser Bogey range comes as either a single or double axel. They are manufactured to the highest standard using high quality steel. To provide a high level of corrosion resistance, all Cross bogeys tankers are given two coats of priming paint followed by two finish coats giving long lasting durability.


The bogey can be equipped with a crane for self-loading of fertiliser bags. It can also be equipped with weight cells. The bogey can be fitted with a catwalk and a ladder for safe viewing of the inside of the spreader. It can be fitted with or with out mudguards.

Fertilizer bogey specs_edited.png

Fertilizer Bogey Design

Fertilizer bogeys are designed to take the weight of the fertilizer spreader off the tractor when spreading fertilizer. This allows smaller tractors to work bigger fertilizer spreaders, which helps improve efficacy and increase output. It also reduces ground pressure as the weight of the fertiliser spreader has the bogey to support itself. Before all the weight was on the back axel of the tractor. This will prevent the front of the tractor lifting when carrying large weights in the spreader.


Bogey System

Twin Axel with Track Adjust

10 stud commercial axel hub is used to provide suspension to the bogey. This design has been tried and tested and has the longest life expectancy because of its robust design. Previously a bronze bushing was used, these use to wear unevenly and cause the wheels to camber. The Track width can also be easily adjusted, as each hub axle is independently mounted on the bogey frame. This can be done by opening the bolts and changing them wider or narrower to get the wright track width for following the tractor track width.


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Fertilizer bogey specs_edited

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