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Like the Hippo 1

But with more output

Key Features

Tonnes / Hour

80 (washing)

60 (washing & chopping)

650 mm

Trace Width

Hopper Capacity

3.0 Tonnes


The Cross Hippo 2 Beet Washer was first designed as a transportable option of the Hippo 1. This machine uses the same hopper and Elevators as the Rhino so not only is it transportable but it also now has double the output of the Hippo1. This machine uses a combination of patented cleaning and chopping elements to ensure that you can deliver a quality clean sample of beet for any application. The Hippo can be used for the dirtiest of beet crops to ensure clean and safe cattle feed. This Washer  has a pre-cleaning feature which helps the water last longer per cycle. After the pre-cleaner the beet washer enters the Washing Cylinder and can be washed at various intensities depending on the operators desired cleanliness. After the washing tumbler the beet exits the machine where it can be loaded in to a trailer whole or chopped. The chopper allows the operator to chop directly into a diet feeder and can be folded out of the way when not in use. The machine can also be used to wash any other type of root vegetable including carrots, potatoes, parsnips etc.



The precleaning hopper is used to fill the beet washer as well as shake the loose dirt off the Beet. This saves the water from early contamination


The wash cylinder tumble cleans the beet while semi-submerged in water. The clay and soil washed off the beet falls through the tumbler and is dropped into the base of the machine. This mud is taken out of the machine with an auger when emptying the w


Every Beet Washer in the CROSS range can be fitted with a chopper. While chopping the chop size can be varied hydraulically. This chopper can be hydraulically folded out of the way when not needed in order to wash whole beet. 

Hippo 2 Overview

Before & After

What a difference a wash makes

Cross Hippo 1 Beet Washers are guaranteed to remove all the soil and dirt from Beet or any root crop in order to provide a clean sample for animal feed, anaerobic digestion or sugar production. All Cross Washers can also wash vegetables for human consumption due to the vary speed controls. It is estimated that even the cleanest crop of beet to the visual eye still contains at least 5% dirt before washing. It has been proven that washing with a Cross Beet Washer can clean any root crop and separate the dirt no matter how clean it appears. 

Chop Size

Variable in size 

Cross Beet Washer Choppers all come with a variable chop size option. This allows the operator to select the desired chop size while the machine is in operation with the simple pull of a lever. 
The chopper is not only adjustable but can also be folded out of the way when whole beet is required. This can be carried out with out the need for any machine stoppage. A lever will allow the operator to fold the chopper up when the machine is in operation. 


Hippo 2 Video

Technical Data

Hippo 2 .jpg
Hippo 2 Technical Data


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Cross Hippo 2 Beet Washer
Cross Hippo 2 Beet Washer
Cross Hippo 2 Beet Washer
Cross Hippo 2 Beet Washer
Cross Hippo 2 Beet Washer
Dirty Beet Before Washing
Washed Beet
Hippo 2 Gallery

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