Key Features


46 Cubic Meters
32 Tonnes

Tyre Size

 800mm  Wide


2 Pack Painted


The Cross Agricultural Engineering split Chaser Bin is one of a kind. There is no other bin of its type to match it. The bin has two separate hopper compartments. These two compartments turn this bin from a standard 3 month harvest bin to an 8 month harvest and sowing bin.

During the harvest the bin is used as one large chaser bin. The Combine harvester fills into the 2 compartments and the bin holds a max of 34 Tonnes (30 tonnes water level). When emptying, the twin auger system can ensure the bin empties in a total of 3 minutes.
During the sowing season the Chaser bin can then be used as a seed and fertilizer cart. The split bin lets you fill one compartment with seed and a slightly larger compartment with fertilizer. The augers are then fitted with filling tubes which let you fill into your drill easy with no spill.
During the harvest the Chaser Bin is controlled from the cab via the soft-touch control panel.
During the sowing season the chaser bin is controlled from the ground via remote control.

Each bin auger can be turned on and off individually remotely all while standing on your drill.

final chaser bin render 32 ton.png

Size System

Chaser Bin Comparison no background.png

Cross manufacture a range of chaser bin sizes but the most popular size is the bin that works on a “no-waiting system”. This system means that four tanks of a combine harvester will fill the Cross Chaser Bin on the move and one tank of a Cross Chaser Bin will fill an articulated truck. This means no waiting around.

Smaller Chaser Bins do not fill trucks in one visit. This means the truck might have to wait linger for a half load from a chaser bin and this also means double travel on fields by the chaser bin. 

Air Ride System

Comfort Guaranteed 

All Cross 30 Tonne split bins come standard on air suspension. This is fitted for a few reasons:


  1. No bounce in the field when rushing to the truck trailers from the combine.

  2. No bounce when rushing to the combine empty

  3. No leaning when travelling around corners even in uneven fields

  4. No un-even distribution of weight. If one axle goes over a bump it won’t take more weight than the other 2 axles. This is what happens in a leaf spring or non-sprung system. In the air system every axle and wheel gets exactly the same weight no matter what the terrain. The advantages of this are:
    a. No over-loading tyre limits
    b. No over-loading axle limits
    c. No un-even loads acting on the chassis

The Chaser Bin can also come on solid axles, sprung suspensions, hydraulic suspension. etc.


Clutch System

Auger Drive-line

The Cross Chaser bin is split into two compartments for seed and fertilizer filling or to use as one large bin during the harvest. The Chaser Bin uses an innovative dog clutch design. This allows each Bin compartment to be put into gear separately, one at a time or both together. This clutch system can be controlled from the seat of the tractor or via the remote control while standing on the seed drill.
The whole machine driveline is powered via wide angled PTO and a HP rating of at least 200hp is needed to drive it. The tractor can run the chaser bin in the 1000 PTO box. The chaser bin gearbox system will run the augers at 540 rpm. This in turn leaves it easier on the tractor to run and easier on the components of the machine.

Drill Filling

Split Bin Technology

The Cross Chaser Bin is split into two compartments. The compartment is split to a ratio of 45%-55% in order to allow for seed and fertilizer to be transported in the one machine to the field to fill the seed drill. 

The Cross Split Chaser Bin can also be used for drill filling. The split bin allows for seed and fertilizer to be delivered into the seed drill by means of a pipe.
When using the bin for drill filling it is totally remote controlled. You can turn on each bin separately all from the ground. Just leave the PTO running when you get off the tractor.

The Bin is also 100% water proof. The cover does not allow any rain to get in and the bin is completely seam welded to stop any dampness getting in. The Augers are also fitted with rain guards to stop water getting in when the augers are folded away.

Camera system

Split Bin Technology

The Cross Chaser Bin is fitted with an in cab camera display system.

The cameras display 2 views on a multi screen display.

  1. The first camera is a birds-eye view over the whole bin from an elevated retractable camera. This shows the inside of the bin at any time. This camera system lets the driver see which compartment is being filled, how full the bin is and where to be alongside the combine harvester.

  2. The second camera is a reversing camera. This camera can also be displayed on the same screen or a separate screen if requested.