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Various Sizes

Tandem= 3,000 to 6,000 Gallons

Key Features


3,000 - 6,000 Gallons
13,638 - 27,268 Litres

Tyre Size

380mm > 900mm  



Galvanised or Painted


The Cross slurry tanker range is manufactured in capacities from 1150 gallons (5,228 litres) to 6,000 gallons (27,277 litres) to cover a wide range of farming needs. Slurry tanker can be built to your specifications giving you the benefits of the Cross flexible manufacturing process.
Cross slurry tankers are manufactured using 6mm high quality steel. All tankers are mounted on a strong internal chassis for extra strength. To provide a high level of corrosion resistance all Cross slurry tankers are given two coats of priming paint followed by two finish coats of 2 pack paint giving long lasting durability. Tanker models up to 4,000 Gallons can also be galvanised.



The Cross Tandem tanker range comes in sizes from 3000 gals to 6000 gals. This range of tankers is built on a modular system. The tank is bolted to the chassis and can be removed to fit other implements if you wish. This range of tankers comes galvanized as standard but can be painted if the buyer requests so. All tankers in this range come with a sprung drawbar and sprung axle system. The most common spec tankers are fitted with a rear steer axle.

Tyres sizes on the tandem tankers range from 550 to 710 tyres. Larger recessed tyres can be fitted on request. All tandem tankers are fitted with full spec commercial running gear (420mm x 180mm brake shoes).

Final Tandem render.png
Tandem Tanker Overview

With or Without Attachment

no dribble bar.png

The Cross Range of Slurry Tankers can be supplied with or without a rear applicator attachment. Options include Dribble bars, Trailing Shoes and Injector Systems. All attachments on Cross tankers are Chassis Mounted. None of these attachments are mounted on the back door. A tanker which is purchased without a rear applicator can have an attachment added on easily at any stage in the future due to the Cross Chassis mount design which comes standard on all tankers. It is important to add a stone trap into the tanker from day one to allow for easy use of an applicator in the future. 

Axle Choices


The Cross Range of Slurry Tankers are fitted with various axles from Granning or Distag. Larger Recessed tankers (2500 upwards) and Tandem tankers come standard with a 10 stud Commercial Axle. This axle type has a 420 x 180mm brake shoe. Smaller tankers come standard with a heavy duty 8 stud Agricultural Axle and have the option of a commercial axle upgrade at very little cost. All Axles are fitted with hydraulic brakes as standard. There is also the option of air brakes if needed. Cross Also offer the option of a Stepped Axle upon request. This option is popular for customers on hilly ground. Cross Agricultural Engineering tankers are one of the lowest tankers on the market to begin with before a stepped axle. This is due to the axle being mounted onto the internal chassis on the tanker and not the tanker barrel itself. 

Braking System

Air or Hydraulics or Both

All Cross Tankers come with a few different braking options.


This option is standard across the full range of Cross Tankers.


The option is a great upgrade for a user with a higher speed tractor who does a lot of road transportation and wants  smoother  and more responsive braking 

Air & Hydraulics

This suits the operator with a few different tractors. The tanker can then be used on air with a higher speed tractor and used on hydraulic brakes for an older tractor.

Modular Build

The Cross Range of Tandem non recessed Slurry Tankers are built on a modular system. This means the tank is mounted on a fully commercial, box iron chassis. When the tractor is towing the tanker it is actually towing an extra strength chassis which the tanker is mounted on, unlike other brands which attach the drawbar onto the front of the tanker barrel. The tanker is also fitted with its own chassis and the two chassis bolt together. This adds huge strength to the tanker system. When mounting an applicator on the back (trailing shoe etc.) of the tanker they are actually mounted out of the chassis. This means no pulling out of the tanker when working in the field. 

This system also allows an operator to remove the tanker when not being used and add on other implements to the chassis (eg bale trailer, muck spreader etc.)

Standard Features

Tandem Axle

  • LED Lights Rear & Front LED Side Lights

  • Hydraulic Vacuum Pump Changeover

  • 20ft Suction hose

  • Galvanised tanker (under 4,000 gallon)

  • Bolt On Mudguards

  • 2 Pack Paint if requested

  • Sprung Drawbar 

  • Sprung Suspension

  • 4 Fill points (3 blanked off & 1 quick attach)

  • HD Hitch (40mm)

  • Heavy Duty Drawbar (150 x 250 x 10mm Box iron)

  • HD Large Splash Plate

  • External Chassis

  • 12mm joints

  • 6mm steel barrel 

Hydraulic Suspension

Tandem Axle

Cross ​Slurry Tankers can be fitted with Hydraulic Suspension as an option. This suspension allows the operator to:

  1. Lift the axles for tight space maneuvering

  2. Lift the Axle to put more weight on the tractor if struggling with traction

  3. Adjust ride height

This axle system also uses a combination of hydraulic accumulators to stop tanker lean on corners. The load sensing system keeps the tanker level at all times no matter what corner the tanker is traveling around. 

The hydraulic suspension system can be set to automatic and let the tanker sensors read the situation or manual over ride so the operator can set to their preferred ride settings. 

Vacuum Pump


Pump Overview

The Cross Range of Slurry Tankers are fitted with Hertell Vacuum Pumps. 

These pumps have a brilliant repuation for ease of service and durability. The Vacuum pumps are made from ductile steel unlike the competitors cast iron pumps. 

Hydraulic Changeover

Hydraulic Changeover is standard on All Cross Tankers. This comes standard from the Hertell factory as a standard feature. This feature allows for much faster tanker filling as the operators can let the vacuum be building before they leave the tractor cab. It is also much safer as the user does not have to walk near the PTO shaft.

AncImg (1).png

Hydraulic Drive

Hydraulic Drive Pumps are also an option from Cross Agricultural Engineering. This allows the user to remove the need for a PTO shaft on the tanker. Combined with Cross' load sensing valve chest this feature can also be fitted on tankers with Trailing shoes and dribble bars. 

Auto Fill Arm

Fill From Both Sides

All Cross Tankers can be fitted with Auto fill arms at the buyers request. 

The main advantage of the Cross auto fill system is the ability to fill from either side. Cross were the first manufacturer to offer this option.

The Auto fill can be controlled 3 possible ways from the tractor

  1. Straight piped to the tractor

  2. Sequence valves

  3. Electric Hydraulics

The Auto fill farm is available in 6" or 8" 

All Auto fill arms can also be fitted with a Turbo fill if needed. This halves  the fill time. 

Electric Hydraulics

  • Electric In cab control panel

  • Ram Mount suction mount

  • Built in house (no service wait time)

  • Fully Customised

  • 1 hydraulic hose controls the whole tanker

  • Can be used for lights, Beacons, spots also